Bed & breakfast property insurance

Buildings & content insurance – comprehensive accidental damage insurance for your property. This typically covers your main residence, contents and personal valuables, but in the case of a b&b may be extended* to cover additional buildings used for accommodation and contents contained in them. *conditions will apply.

Bed & breakfast personal insurance

Insurance cover for you, the b&b owner/operator. What happens if you become unable to work due to an accident or illness? Cover is available for both accident and illness and also for business expenses incurred during the time you are unable to work.

Bed & breakfast public & products liability insurance

Tailored for a b&b business, this is insurance cover for when a third party makes a claim against you or your business for either personal injury and/or damage to their property. It is also extended to cover the property of others which may be in your care, custody or control, the provision of meals, and may be extended* to cover additional business activities. *conditions will apply

Bed & breakfast business interuption insurance

Insurance which covers your business income against unforeseen interruption caused by an insurable event (property insurance) also covered in the policy. Note that business interruption is not available as a stand-alone cover and that you must have property insurance co-existing with business interruption.

Professional & tailored insurance advice for bed & breakfast business owners (expert advice, personalised service)

We have been providing tailored insurance solutions to b&b operators since 1983. Our expertise is unparalleled and we seek to provide you with a cost effective solution to your insurance requirements. Remember that price is not always the best indicator of quality. There is little point in buying a cheap policy that is “under-spec” in many regards which may not respond to claims you submit. We will always provide you with the best policy-premium balance and where possible advise you on available monthly payment options.